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The Gallery Experience
The Art and Science of Cell Biology (ASCB2) exhibits feature stunning large-format prints of molecular and cellular images created by artists, scientists, and scientific illustrators. In December of 2012, we showcased the first ASCB2 gallery in the Moscone Center's public foyers at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Annual meeting in San Francisco. We hosted several co-localized and related events at ASCB to engage both research and public audiences. In autumn of 2012, we plan to move the exhibit into a local art gallery and to attract larger audiences with research seminars targeted at public audiences that relate to some of the artwork on display.
By immersing a new audience in cellular and subcellular imagery without any attempt to overtly educate, we hope to reduce the relative visual and linguistic unfamiliarity of microscopic biology, slowly connecting the world of cells and molecules to daily experiences.
Two mini-gallery walls in the public foyers at ASCB in 2012 featured 65 printed pieces representing the work of 9 contributing artists. The show was a great success and reached many biologists interested in incorporating visualization and visualization skills into their careers. 

The Art
These image sliding galleries show most of the art showcased at ASCB2 2012. You can click on the image library below for more details about each image or to purchase prints where available.
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